A New Type of Treatment


Revivo provides a new approach to Alzheimer’s disease therapy. A novel class of drug, known as Nomethiazoles, activates multiple key signaling pathways which improve cognitive function and relieve anxiety. Prolonged treatment has been shown to delay the progression of disease in animals. Nomethiazoles target both early symptoms and progression of the disease. read more →



A Unique Therapeutic Approach


Revivo’s new multi-faceted approach to therapy for Alzheimer's disease differs significantly from the dominant efforts of other companies focused on specifically targeting of amyloid-beta or tau protein deposition in the brain. This unique approach potentially offers both clinically important behavioral and cognition-enhancing benefits in patients with earlier-stage disease and the potential to slow disease progression with long-term treatment. read more →



An Experienced Team


Revivo’s development team is composed of experienced drug development professionals, each with greater than 25 years of experience in large pharma and small pharma settings. Most recently this team successfully developed and licensed therapies for Cardioxyl Pharmaceuticals. read more →


Research Progress


Keep informed about our activities and research. read more →