Revivo is developing a new approach to the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. This therapy targets both early symptoms and progression of the disease.



Company Profile


Revivo is an emerging pharmaceutical company developing a new class of therapeutic agents which have novel mechanisms of action for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. We are focused on early cognitive decline and neurological impairments, which are the hallmarks of this disease. The company is based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.


Scientific Focus


Revivo’s lead compound RIV-1061, the prototype of a new class of drug therapy known as Nomethiazoles, has been advanced through Phase 1 clinical development. Our development program is advancing toward Phase 1/2a Proof of Concept Studies in target patient populations using new sustained release formulations. These studies are anticipated to focus on endpoints related to early neurocognitive and neurobehavioral decline.

This new approach to therapy for Alzheimer's disease may be applicable to other neurodegenerative diseases due to the multiple mechanisms of action of the Nomethiazole class. Furthermore, the approach differs significantly from efforts to specifically target the accumulation of amyloid-beta or tau in the CNS which have generally failed in clinical trials.

Nomethiazoles are a new disease-modifying approach to a complex problem. Published data show that the mechanism of action of these agents significantly improves cognition and lowers amyloid-beta and tau in four Alzheimer's animal models.