Revivo Therapeutics Receives NIH Funding

Revivo Therapeutics, Inc Receives a Project Award from the NIH                

"Advancement of Nomethiazole Therapeutics- The Development of a New Class of Procognitive and Disease Modifying Agents for Cognitive Decline" 

This NIH STTR grant, lead by Revivo Therapeutics, was funded jointly with Professor Greg Thatcher's Laboratory at the University of Chicago Illinois, and provides 2 years of additional funding to support basic and clinical science leading to the preclinical and clinical advancement of the Revivo's patent estate.  Dr. Doug Cowart, CEO of Revivo, stated that this is achievement will allow the company to move the lead Compound, RIV-5061 to IND stage, by enabling the company to complete development of the final dosage forms for use in the clinical studies.  Dr. Greg Thatcher, commented that this funding will further enable biochemical and histochemical measurements of effects of Nomethiazoles on inflammatory pathways that might be linked to neuropathology and neurodegeneration.  This funding is anticipated to further support further understanding of the mechanisms of action of this novel therapeutic class.